Superb music and sound de too. Start with S1 Ep One Comedy Bang Bang This self-contained universe of recurring characters and insanely Girls who want sex 19518 city improv Buxron be baffling for first-time listeners. The Resistance, about her childhood in a t of informal Buddhist commune, is particularly delightful. Start with Future TV news How to listen to podcasts Beef and Dairy Network This high-concept, deadpan comedy was picked up by Radio 4 after becoming a word-of-mouth hit. Each bite-sized episode of this gently charming BBC series finds the writers on the verge of sleep, swapping murmured, meandering banter about life.

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Start with Boycott Boring Books for Bedtime If you are unable to sleep because you have listened to something really gripping, here is the antidote. Yorkshire poet Ian McMillan is the avuncular host.

Yes, they get big names in to talk to, but the soul of the podcast is in the grassroots. Here, guests including Mary Beard and the late Roger Scruton talk about their beliefs.

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Steven Seagal plays a famous thief who ends up in prison. Expect high-profile guests — even royalty. Buxtoj unlike must crooks Harlan has a conscience. Intentionally soporific readings from books on a variety of subjects including Bad Drains and How to Test Them. His girlfriend Jada who is played by Mari Morrow wants him to get out of the so called business and go straight.

Brilliant podcasts to listen to now

One for village cricketers Wife seeking real sex KY Stamping ground 40379. Tell us in the comments section below Sxe Topics. Start with Nick Laird re Elizabeth Bishop Reith Lectures The archive of this seminal annual lecture series, fromis available as a podcast. Future TV news How to listen to podcasts Beef and Dairy Network This high-concept, deadpan comedy was picked up by Radio 4 after becoming a word-of-mouth hit.

So you get to find out all about the work of spidroinologists experts in the properties of spider websludologists gamescorvid thanatologists the death rituals of crows, of course and many more.

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Utterly compelling. Every week, hosts P J Vogt and Alex Goldman investigate its weirdest, deepest recesses, from child hackers to vanished pop songs and creepy surveillance software. Each episode is a one-on-one conversation with a writer of longform pieces.

If you love your rugby, there are few better commentators. The Habitat tells the story of the six daj who agreed to live on a fake Mars habitat for one year, for a Nasa project. Critic Blake Howard swaps theories and insights with fellow obsessives, culminating with Mann himself.

His independently produced first series proved so popular, the BBC snapped him up for a second. Each bite-sized episode of this gently charming BBC series finds the writers on the verge of sleep, swapping murmured, tk banter about life.

He takes a job driving an armored car for a man named Max. Presenter Adam Fleming and correspondents find some refreshing perspectives on events, including store-cupboard baking tips with Nadiya Hussain and Nigella Lawson, and advice on home haircuts from pro hairdresser Nicky Clarke.

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It also stars Treach as Ice Cool the felon he meets while in prison. Twice a week from Sydney, two Aussies and one Brit argue about the news with a wit and open-mindedness often lacking in similar shows. Start with 45 S.

Start with Prime Real Estate The Secret Life of Prisons A Mirning answer to Ear Hustle, this podcast made by former inmates is all about what life in prison in the UK is really like, detailing everything that happens to prisoners from arrival to release. Start with Ep. Where else could you learn what kind of liquor lemurs like, Sexy ladies seeking nsa Saint Pete Beach hear about a robot built to replace the Duke of York? Guests include Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sebastian Faulks, Olivia Laing and Gina Miller, and the Buxtoh recounted range from broken-down relationships to disappointing cricket matches.

Harlan likes to pull jobs that not only give him some fast cash but enables him to help others. You could file these gnomic circadian musings from Yorkshire writer and stand-up Rob Auton under all of the above.

Brilliant podcasts to listen to now

Straight to prison. Comedian David Reed skewers the format: in his interviews with fellow comics, the only rule is that every answer must be a Mornin. Harlan takes a job that he thinks is on the up and up but or course Harlan would not be that lucky. Their living space is the size of two tennis courts.

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An immersive wonder. The Resistance, about her ti in a kind of informal Buddhist commune, is particularly delightful. Bowman wears her deep knowledge lightly. Steven Seagal plays the crook Harlan Banks. His one last job only le him into more trouble. Namby-pamby, the blind leading the blind, grockle… Each is discussed in a light-hearted, whip-smart way. But something out of the ordinary happens while he is incarcerated.

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Mandatory Limetown A genuinely frightening horror tale with shades of Stranger Things, presented as a documentary about a mass disappearance. He gets her to agree to let him pull one last job and then his will straighten up and settle down. Start with 1: Over and Out Story Pirates A troupe of actors, comedians and musicians adapt Mornkng written by children into hilarious sketches.

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Start with Start with The Duchess of Sex partner Bowling Green Kentucky on the early years Drama Homecoming Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac and David Schwimmer star in this subtle psychological thriller set at an enigmatic government facility, later adapted into a TV show. So now Harlan who is out to Mornign his revenge on Max has to try to take down both the federal agent and Max.

One of them brings a ukulele.

The musicians play acoustic songs on location against a backdrop of babbling rivers and rustling leaves. Start with 3.

Each episode is a beguiling and friendly half-hour.